We meet regularly to enjoy a variety of activities pioneered by NADFAS. Englemere is one of over 360 societies now inaugurated throughout the UK and mainland Europe, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

The Arts Society Englemere was inaugurated in April 2001. Initially meetings were held at Englemere House (hence the Society's name) in Ascot. The house was the home of Field Marshall Lord Roberts (the Chief of Staff to Lord Kitchener) and was extensively rebuilt for him at the end of the nineteenth century.

Being a member of The Arts Society is a great way to learn about a wide range of subjects devoted to exploring the endless types of decorative and fine arts of our world. The topics include art and artists, architecture and buildings, social history, furniture, glassware, metalwork and jewellery, photography, textiles, ceramics, music and more. At the heart of our programme we organise lectures once a month. These are of very high quality as they are given by some of the country's leading experts. They never cease to inspire. In addition we arrange days when a subject can be presented in greater depth.

There is a supplementary programme of visits to stately homes, exhibitions and museums, also a tour lasting four or five days, often abroad. Society members can also become involved in worthwhile volunteering activities doing practical work. This includes helping young people through "Young Arts" projects. NADFAS volunteers are also renowned for bringing their personal skills to conservation works in churches, museums and historic buildings.

As a member of The Arts Society Englemere you are joining an organisation which has over 90,000 individual members, who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others and broaden their own education and appreciation of our artistic heritage. The Arts Society provides considerable support to the affiliated societies, not least of all by approving and vetting the large bank of lecturers. It provides training courses to ensure matters are run locally to high standards. Overall we provide the opportunity to learn, have fun, and make new, like minded, friends. If you would like to attend a monthly lecture or wish to find out more, do contact me. Please use the response form using the e-mail link to the left side of this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Hamilton: Chairman TAS Englemere