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08 January 2019Income and Inspiration
12 February 2019The Age of Jazz
12 March 2019Discovering MacDonald Gill

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Income and Inspiration David Phillips Tuesday 08 January 2019

It is taboo to mention money in art gallery wall labels, yet in reality artists were as pre-occupied with cash as the rest of us.  David Phillips describes the tug of war between creativity and credit in financial vignettes from five centuries.  This includes a role for Charles Dickens as a virtuoso financial advisor solving a little local difficulty for William Holman Hunt.  We look at prices for new art in relation to the cost of living for both artists and patrons in the past and conclude by wondering whether today’s colossal world art market is to the benefit or to the cost of creativity.  

David studied history at Oxford, and from 1968-82 worked for Nottingham Castle Museum.  From 1982-98, he was a lecturer in Museum Studies and Art History at the University of Manchester.  He has published a book about museum practice with Manchester University Press; Exhibiting Authenticity 1997.