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13 February 2018The Role of The Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Reoffending
13 March 2018Lady Elizabeth Butler - Battle Artist

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The Role of The Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Reoffending Angela Findlay Tuesday 13 February 2018

In the context of prisons, it is clear, that the arts are not simply decorative but absolutely vital and potentially life-changing.  Angela Finlay has worked for many years as an artist in the Criminal Justice System in England and Germany.  She will show that within the process of creating art there are many vital opportunities for offenders to develop key life skills.  

Angela has a degree in Fine Art, a Diploma in Artistic Therapy and her paintings are widely exhibited both nationally and internationally.  Her long career of teaching art in prisons and Young Offender Institutions in Germany and England, followed by her role as the former Arts Coordinator of the Koestler Trust in London, gave her many insights into the huge impact the arts can have in terms of rehabilitation.  She is currently advising the Ministry of Justice and presenting the case for the arts to be included in their new rehabilitation and education policies.