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10 April 2018Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes
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Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes Steven Desmond Tuesday 10 April 2018

There are many illustrious gardens on the shores of Lakes Como and Maggiore in the mountainous far north of Italy.  Steven Desmond’s lecture includes a 16th-century parterre and water staircase, a baroque garden in the middle of a lake, two gardens made by rival Napoleonic grandees, and a garden created by two Edwardian romantics as a theatre for sharing their love of art and nature.  They are set in a climate ideal for garden-making among some of the world’s noblest scenery, where Wordsworth, Liszt and Bellini found inspiration.  

Steven is an independent landscape consultant specialising in historic gardens and architecture, a freelance lecturer and specialist tour leader in Britain and abroad.  He is a writer and broadcaster on historic gardens and related topics.  Steven Desmond's book Gardens of the Italian Lakes, with photography by Marianne Majerus, is published by Frances Lincoln.