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10 October 2017The Collections of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great of Russia
12 September 2017Foreigners in London 1520 - 1677: The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art
04 August 2017The 2017 Summer Event
11 July 2017Un-commissioned Art in London
13 June 2017Lawrence of Arabia
09 May 2017Inspired by Stonehenge
11 April 2017Russian music in the 20th Century
14 March 2017Spaddles and Sorbets
14 February 2017Napoleon and Josephine at Château Malmaison
10 January 2017Children's Book Illustrations
02 December 2016The 2016 Christmas Dinner
08 November 2016Renaissance Arms and Armour
11 October 2016Vivaldi in Venice
13 September 2016Edouard Manet: ‘A Bar at the Folies-Bergère'
12 August 2016The EDFAS Summer Social Event
12 July 2016The Art of Royal Dress
14 June 2016Treasures of the Turf
10 May 2016The Beauty of Frames
12 April 2016He Left Nothing Unattempted: Captain J Cook's Voyages
08 March 2016Lady Elizabeth Butler - Battle Artist
09 February 2016Magnificent Mosaics - a window into the colourful Roman world
12 January 2016The Lost Princes: Royal Heirs who never succeeded to the Throne
04 December 2015Christmas Dinner and entertainment.
10 November 2015Virginia Woolf on Life and Art; works by Vanessa Bell and the Camden Group
13 October 2015"A Little Revolution": Eric Gill, Jacob Epstein, and the revival of the Romanesque tradition of direct carving in stone
08 September 2015The AGM at 7:30 pm followed by John Ogden: the Man and the Music
07 August 2015Summer Buffet Social Evening with Lecture
14 July 2015The Power of Jewellery: Adornment and ritual from prehistory to the present
09 June 2015DURER: The Italian & Northern Renaissance - the relationship between Italian art, Durer, and the Northern Artists.
12 May 2015When Britain Clicked : Fab Photographs from the Swinging Sixties
14 April 2015Modern Italian Gardens
10 March 2015Contemporary Stained Glass
10 February 2015The Organs of the City of London Churches
13 January 2015The Celts
11 November 2014Calligeofiguresques' an Introduction to Islamic Art and Design
14 October 2014Mrs. Beeton's Christmas
09 September 2014Art and the Napoleonic Wars
08 July 2014Diaghilev's Ballets Russes: a Synthesis of Excellence?
10 June 2014Brangwyn at War Libby Horner
13 May 2014Sir Gordon Russell: A 20th Century Design Pioneer
08 April 2014Wanderings among the Nomadic Tribes of Iran and Afghanistan
11 February 2014The Georgian House around the World
14 January 2014Life and Work of Antonio Stradivari
06 December 2013Christmas Dinner
12 November 2013PARIS: City of 365 Sundays
10 September 2013AGM and Lecture VENICE AS A COLONIAL POWER Note Early start time 7:30 pm
11 June 2013BERTHE MORISOT: Impressionist par excellence
14 May 2013Painting with light: A history of stained glass
12 March 2013Machu Picchu
12 February 2013The Royal Pavillion, Brighton
08 January 2013The Boy who bit Picasso
13 November 2012Three Romantics: Chopin, Delacroix and Georges Sand

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The Collections of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great of Russia Nicholas Merchant Tuesday 10 October 2017

Nicholas Merchant will talk about both these early rulers of ‘modern’ Russia who were voracious collectors but in different directions and for different reasons.  Peter with his enormous animal energy and enquiring mind was a collector of curiosities and oddities.  Catherine was the founder of the Russia art collections.  Like Peter her curiosity was insatiable and she scoured Europe for collections buying from the cash strapped such as the Walpole’s treasures at Houghton.  

Nicholas has worked as a valuer for both Phillips and Sotheby’s and also runs his own book business devoted to the decorative and fine arts.  He has had a long term interest in antiques and lectures extensively in the USA, South Africa, Europe and UK, including the V&A.