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16 May 2018Winchester Cathedral and School
17 September 2018Golden Anniversary Lecture at St. George's Chapel Windsor
04 October 2018Ightham Moat
30 November 2018November or December Potential Visit - no date available yet

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Winchester Cathedral and School
Wednesday 16 May 2018

The first Christian church at Winchester was built in the 8th century and became known as the Old Minster.  Soon the Old Minster became a cathedral; seat of a bishop whose diocese stretched from the English Channel to the river Thames.  It was the most important royal church in Anglo-Saxon England and was the burial place for some of the earliest kings of Wessex, including Alfred the Great.  

All changed with the arrival of William the Conqueror who installed his own bishop who set about building a new church; the basis for the present cathedral.  In the centuries that followed, wealthy and powerful bishops put their stamp on the Norman cathedral.  They remodelled it with soaring gothic arches the 14th century, making it even more ornate in the 15th and 16th centuries.  By the early 16th century, much of the Cathedral you can see today was complete.  

We will make our journey there by coach.  For details of times, prices and a booking form please click HERE.